Restaurateurs and co-owners of F&H Food Trading Group, Hicham Azhari and Fikret Kovac have turned historic Roswell, Ga., into a gastronomic mecca with Little Alley Steak, 1920 Tavern, Salt Factory Pub and The Real FIX Pizzeria.

Both immigrants to the United States, the two partners are self-made men living the American dream. Azhari came to Atlanta, Ga., in 1997 from Morocco to attend the Georgia Institute of Technology, while Kovac immigrated in 1993 at the onset of war in his native Bosnia. The two met playing soccer, and their friendship grew over their mutual passion for the restaurant industry. After working together for several years at the original Little Alley Tapas, the pair decided to put their business savvy and entrepreneurial spirits to the test, opening Salt Factory Pub in 2008.

Six years and five restaurants later, Kovac and Azhari show no signs of stopping. The duo has been able to maintain an honest, creative and successful business platform and continue to create distinctive and unique concepts offering international cuisine, affordable prices and an approachable atmosphere.